Hot air balloon comes close to crashing in San Sai (exclusive pictures)

A hot air balloon came close to crashing into houses in San Pa Pao, San Sai this morning after experiencing mechanical problems.

The balloon started to experience problems at around 6:40 a.m. when it came close to tree top level before managing to rise again. Locals noticed the balloon as its operators tried desperately to get the balloon to float higher again by constantly using its burner – making a distinct sound, one not usually heard in the village.

A witness told Chiang Mai One that she thought that the balloon had intentionally come in that low to observe something on the ground. A subsequent report from Channel 3 confirmed it was a mechanical issue.

If the balloon had crashed, it may have ended up in a rice paddy although at the time it came close to the ground is was very near housing on Rural Road 3012 in Moo 3, San Pa Pao.

Pictures: copyright Chiang Mai One.