House Fire Kills 5 Including 4 Rescue Volunteers In Bangkok

Fire Kills 5

Five people, including four rescue volunteers, have been killed in a fire at a large house in western Bangkok.

The three-storey building was on a 50-square-wah plot in the Krisdamahanakorn 31 housing estate on Boromratchonnanee in Thawi-Watthana district. The house later collapsed after the fire ripped through it for an hour from 6 am on Saturday.

The first responders were firemen from the Bangkok Fire & Rescue Department under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and rescue volunteers from the Poh Teck Tung Foundation.

Heavy machinery could not be used for fear the structure could collapse further and crush those trapped inside.

Fire Kills 5 in Bangkok

At 6 pm, authorities checked the temperature and searched for any survivors. They later concluded all must have been dead since the temperature inside the rubble was more than 100C.

Of the dead, four were rescue volunteers – Thanaphob Prapai, 44, Samatcha Nilthong, 48, Attapol Thuamthong, 26, and Suthat Plianklad, 38. The other, Kiat Patterson, 35, was a dweller who had been trapped in a bathroom.

Thanaphob’s body was the only one that had been extracted from the debris as of Saturday evening.

Initial reports suggested the fire broke out in a security guard room that had been used to store old mattresses and cleaning materials, according to initial information given to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).