Housewives arrested for gambling in Lamphun longan grove

Two housewives have been arrested after a tip-off led police to find them playing a dice game for money in a longan grove in Lamphun.

The raid, which included police and Royal Thai Army soldiers occurred yesterday (Sep. 3) in Ban Huai Kan, Ban Hong and resulted in the arrest of Mrs. Phacharaphan Doi Dan, 55 and Mrs. Chan Jirakornthong 47 sitting with a gambling mat among the longan trees.

It’s not clear from reports why the two were gambling among the longan trees but at least they had a pleasant view.

The soldiers and police also seized 135 baht, a gambling panel, a plate, a dice, 3 balls and a mat.

Both were arrested with Thai language media saying that they will be prosecuted for illegal gambling.