Hundreds turn out at Thapae Gate to protest ruling junta

Several hundred people – reports range from 200 through to 500, turned out at the Thapae Gate yesterday, Jan. 12 to protest against the ruling junta.

The protest in Chiang Mai was in support of a much larger protest in Bangkok held at the same time called “Run Against Dictatorship” that is reported to have attracted 10,000 people.

Although not having a large amount of room, protesters at the Thapae Gate did undertake a short run well, dubbed “running to chase Uncle” calling on Prime Minister Prayut (Uncle Tu) to resign and for Thailand to hold proper democratic elections.

A large number of police were reported to be in attendance along with a small number of soldiers. There were no reports of issues and no threats, at least yet, to prosecute those behind organizing the protest.

Photo: Police Magazine 24