Ice, opium and yaba seized following latest drug shootout in Mae Ai

Opium, crystal methamphetamine and yaba was seized following the latest shootout between the Royal Thai Army, police and drug runners, this one in Mae Ai Feb. 15.

The shootout and drug seizure occurred in Pa Kui, Moo 3 Tha Ton near the Myanmar border at around 5:30 a.m.

The joint operation between army rangers and police officers in the area came across a group of five men with backpacks. After challenging the men to surrender, a shootout occurred for around two minutes with no one injured. The drug runners managed to flee the scene.

Left at the scene was five kilograms of ice, four kilograms of opium and around 2,000 yaba tablets.

The drugs were transported to Mae Ai Police Station.

Photo: Add Fang Life