Icelandic man injured after hitting tow truck in Chang Phueak

A man from Iceland was taken to hospital yesterday, Aug. 20 after running into a police tow truck while on his bike in Chang Phueak.

The accident happened on Chonprathan Road (Highway 121) near the Green Lake Resort at around 1 p.m.

The cyclist, who was named only as Iaven (transliterated from Thai), 43 is said to have ridden the bike out to Huay Tung Tao in Don Kaeo, Mae Rim and was heading back to his accommodation at SB Condo in Santitham when the accident occurred.

It’s not clear from reports who was to blame – the tow truck was clearly parked at the side of the road but whether it did so in front of the injured man or the guy hasn’t seen the tow truck is unclear.

Thai language media described the man as a tourist – a label they apply to anyone who’s not Thai but he may be an expat given he was riding a racing bike alone and given where he lives as well.