Illegal loggers escape following car chase in Tham Pha Thai National Park

Four illegal loggers have escaped following a car chase in Tham Pha Thai National Park in Lampang yesterday, Dec. 18.

Forestry officials, local police and representatives from the Department of Crime Suppression for Natural Resources and Environment were patrolling in the park when they spotted a pickup truck carrying chopped up logs in Ban Wang Ngoen Moo 14, Tambon Nikhom Phatthana at around 6 p.m.

A chase then followed with the men attempting to escape their pursuers until they eventually managed to crash the pickup truck on Lampang – Chiang Mai Road (Highway 11).

The four men in the truck subsequently fled the scene on foot but due to the darkness and terrain, the police and forestry officials decided not to attempt to pursuit on foot.

The wood left at the scene is said to have come from a tree or trees 80-100 years old.

The investigation is ongoing with police hoping to be able to identify and locate the men who were in the vehicle.