Income Tax Rebates for Companies Hiring Former Convicts

Foreign Prisoners In Thai Jail

A royal decree has been issued which entitles companies hiring former inmates to claim income tax rebates, according to the Corrections Department.

The department’s Director-General, Pol Col Naras Savestanan, said yesterday that the decree allowing the tax rebates has been published in the Royal Gazette and was backdated to 22nd June 2020.

The move is aimed at encouraging companies to offer job opportunities to former convicts, many of whom are shunned by employers.

With no prospect of employment, many return to crime and end up back in jail.

Under the royal decree, companies and juristic persons who employ former inmates released from prison less than three years ago, are entitled to use the salaries they pay the former inmates to claim income tax rebates.

However, the rebate is limited to 15,000 baht per former inmate per month.

He said claims can only be filed in the next calendar year and the employers must file an income tax form through the Revenue Department’s website, specifying the period of employment of the former inmate.

Rebates apply for those who have served their sentences, those whose jail terms were suspended after having been jailed or those who had jail terms reduced.

“The reason the decree was issued was that we want companies and businesses to play a part in preventing offenders repeating their crimes,” Pol Col Savestanan said.

“Businesses should be able to support this initiative of giving former inmates a new lease on life so they can reintegrate into society and have a stable income to sustain themselves and their families,” he said.


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