Indonesia woman arrested for murder of Indian tourist in Chang Klan

An Indonesian woman has been arrested in relation to the murder of an Indian tourist in Chang Klan back in August.

The woman, identified as Linda Wells (transliterated from Thai, may be incorrect), 54 was arrested after being identified while crossing into Thailand via an unnamed border crossing in the Isan Region.

Ms. Wells drugged, murdered then robbed Tariq Ahmad, 45, believed to be a joint Indian and American national in a Chang Klan hotel Aug. 20 before going on to drug and rob a 69-year-old American man several days later.

According to reports, Ms. Wells is believed to be a serial con artist who travels throughout the region tricking tourists into going back to their hotels before drugging and robbing them.

She has been transported to Chiang Mai where she will appear before court on murder, drugging and robbery charges.