Investigation starts into crash of Chiang Mai-based training aircraft

An Air Force Security Survey taskforce led by Air Force Lieutenant Rangsanjai Supapoj, Director of the Air Force Security Office has launched an investigation into the fatal plane crash of a L39 ZA/ART training plane that crashed on to a golf course near Tak’s Bhumibol Dam on Tuesday.

The investigation is covering the crash area for evidence, specifically parts from the crashed plane that may help assist them to ascertain as to why the plane crashed. So far investigators have retrieved parts including the cockpit cover.

Parts recovered will be trucked to the Wing 41 air force base at Chiang Mai Airport for forensic investigation.

Multiple theories have been floated so far as to why the plane crashed, including one report saying that it was on fire before crashing, with another report suggesting it had hit a power line on approach to Tak Airport.