Italian tourists injured in Lampang bus crash

Italian tourists were injured after the bus they were traveling in crashed in Lampang yesterday, Aug. 16.

The accident happened near Huai Khun Tha in Ban Pha Lat, Moo 4 Phra Bat, Mueang Lampang at around 4 p.m.

Of the 11 Italian tourists on the bus, one was seriously injured while a further seven were described a slightly injured. Complicating matters further, none of the tourists spoke English making communication with emergency services workers difficult.

The bus driver, Mr. Watchara Insee, 40 from Sukothai claimed that the accident occurred due to rain, saying that he hit the breaks on the bus but due to water on the road, the bus ran out of control and crashed.

This being Thailand, the whole idea that the driver should have been driving slowly due to the wet conditions is completely foreign.