It’s official: Meteorological Department declares rainy season has begun

Probably much to the surprise of no one who lives in Thailand, rainy season has officially started, as determined by the Thailand Meteorological Department.

Despite widespread rain across the country starting in April – early this year, at least in the north, rainy season is only officially declared when there is a change of wind direction, with wind switching to come out of the South West bringing in moisture from the Andaman Sea at the weekend.

Wanchai Sakudomchai, director-general of the Meteorological Department, said that the department expected that there would be one to two tropical storms – that is severe storms, usually the remnants of typhoons in other parts of Asia to move through the country this season, with the north and northeast particularly at risk from mid-August to September.

There is also a higher risk this year of flash flooding in the north.

Despite the already strong start to the season, Mr. Sakudomchai said he expected rainfall from mid-June to mid-July to be scattered and irregular, below average levels.

The rainy season for upper Thailand is expected to last until mid-October, while the southern region will experience continuous rainfall until December.

Photo: Pxhere