Kids lost in cave results in demand for lottery tickets with the number 13

Lottery ticket buyers in Chiang Mai are reported to be attempting to buy lottery tickets that include the number 13 in them on the grounds that the number may be auspicious as it’s the same number of kids currently lost in a Mae Sai cave.

Much of the demand is coming from a roadside market on Mahidol Rd., Saraphi which is already considered by some locals to be itself a lucky place to buy lottery tickets.

Mr. Chatree Khunin, President of Chiang Mai Loy Krathong Club told Khaosod that demand for tickets with the number 13 in them was so high that they could not keep up with demand. The same report also noted that in some cases the tickets were being sold for 100 baht, 20 baht more than the legally prescribed price of 80 baht per ticket.

People in Thailand, particularly the North and Isan regions often look to auspicious signs when buying lottery tickets, such as the man in Lampang who won the lottery on April 16 after having an auspicious dream about his vehicle being stolen. In that case, the man purchased a lottery ticket that corresponded with his vehicle’s number plate.

For foreigners, however, the number 13 has traditionally been regarded as being bad luck.

Photo: nist6dh/Flickr