Lampang Resumes Vaccine Rollout After Patients Recover From Side Effects

Vaccine Rollout Lampang

The COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Lampang resumed yesterday after recipients of the Sinovac vaccine affected by its side effects recovered.

Dr Prasert Kitsuwannarat, chief of the provincial health office under the Public Health Ministry, dismissed media reports saying that as many as 40 people had been negatively affected by the Sinovac vaccine, forcing a suspension of its rollout.

The province’s vaccination drive began early this month with the inoculation of 900 health personnel, including 400 provincial personnel and 500 village volunteers, he said.

In the first round, nearly 100 people experienced side effects, such as swelling and pain, dizziness, and exhaustion, which went away after one day, Dr Kitsuwannarat said.

On Wednesday, 600 health personnel at Lampang Hospital received their shots, and about 10 of them experienced numbness in the face and mouth, which is categorised as “general undesirable symptoms,” he said.

A nurse also experienced limb weakness, which is considered a serious symptom, Dr Kitsuwannarat said.

The vaccination programme was suspended so health officials could observe these symptoms, he said.


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However, all have now recovered from the side effects, Dr Kitsuwannarat said.

A check found that the vaccine is safe to use, he said, adding the vaccination of medical personnel resumed yesterday.

Some people might experience some side effects after vaccination, he said.

“The side effects disappear after patients rest for a while,” Dr Kitsuwannarat said. “It depends on one’s health.”

Citing unnamed provincial sources, local media outlets claimed as many as 40 medical personnel experienced undesirable symptoms after receiving shots.

They said two nurses suffered from the jab’s side effects 15 minutes after receiving their shots. They reported the nurses suffered tightness in the chest, dizziness, headache, and severe vomiting.


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