Lanna Co-op to lodge criminal complaint against actor who complained about rod daengs

The Nakhon Lanna Cooperative, the operator of Chiang Mai’s fleet of rod daengs (songtaews) is to lodge a formal criminal complaint against a famous Thai actor who complained in a video about being over-quoted by a driver.

The video, posted on Instagram by “Guy” Ratchanont Suprakob Dec. 18, saw the actor claiming that he had been quoted 600 baht by a driver to travel one kilometer from a location on Nimmanhaemin Road, Suthep.

A spokesperson for the Cooperative told Workpoint News that the video was incorrect, that it defamed the Cooperative and hurt the image of Chiang Mai transport providers. Hence, the cooperative intends to file a complaint against Suprakob under the Computer Crimes Act.

While Suprakob said in the video that he had asked to go to Suthep Road, Tambon Suthep, the spokesperson for the Coop said that Suprakob had asked for a price to go to Doi Suthep and that a price of 600 baht would be accurate given it would be a chartered trip.

The story has gained widespread attention in the Thai language press with some publications referring to the Cooperative as being the local transport mafia. The organization denies being a mafia-like body despite their drivers attacking people with swords, harassing Grab drivers and more this year.