Late Pfizer Jabs For Students Blamed On Scheduling Miscommunication

Pfizer Vaccine

The Department of Disease Control clarified on Saturday why Pfizer jabs for students at 13 schools in Bangkok have been delayed, explaining that it was due to miscommunication.

Director-general Opas Karnkawinpong said their late arrival was not because of a supply shortage, but a lack of coordination in terms of scheduling.

He was responding to reports that City Hall had failed to deliver the jabs on time.

The DDC chief said the students were originally scheduled to receive their shots on Friday, the same day the vaccine arrived at the department. However due to a communication mix-up, the vaccines would not be ready for distribution until Monday, forcing their appointments to be rescheduled, he added.

He also noted there was a sufficient supply of Pfizer shots for students aged 12-17 and said they should receive their first jab by the time their schools reopen next month.

The department has received three batches of Pfizer vaccine totalling five million doses, enough to cover its target group.