Latest COVID-19 Update – 2 New Local Infections Among 19 New Cases

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Two new local infections and four entrants from Myanmar were among 19 new cases of COVID-19 reported today. This brings the total cases to 4,072.

The Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) categorised the new cases into three groups, local infections (2), arrivals screened upon entry and in quarantine (13), and other arrivals (4).

The local cases were a 50-year-old Thai woman from Sing Buri province and a 30-year-old Thai man from Chiang Rai province. They were being treated at public hospitals.

The woman, who worked as a hired-hand, came into contact with a previously confirmed case last Saturday. On Thursday, she tested positive with a fever and muscle pain and received treatment at Sing Buri hospital.

The man went to Chiang Rai and stayed there between 26th-29th November. On Friday, he tested positive after developing symptoms including a runny nose and a headache.

The other arrivals group comprised of four entrants from Myanmar. Of them, three were Thai returnees who had worked at an entertainment venue and sneaked into the country. The other was a Myanmar man coming for a physical checkup.

The two women, both 25, crossed the border via a natural pass last Saturday. On Thursday, one of them tested positive with a fever, phlegm, a runny nose and the loss of the sense of smell. The other tested positive on Saturday with a fever and muscle pain.

The man, 32, sneaked into the country via a natural pass on 14th November. On Thursday, he tested positive and lost his sense of smell.

The Myanmar man, 43, who was self-employed, travelled to Mae Sot Hospital for a checkup on Thursday and tested positive for COVID-19 on the same day. He was asymptomatic and stayed at Mae Sot Hospital, said the CCSA.

The quarantined arrivals group consisted of 13 people, nine of whom were Thais. They came from Malaysia (1), India 1), Sweden (1), the United Kingdom (1), the United States (3), Switzerland (2), the Netherlands (1), Mexico (1) and Myanmar (2). Eight of them showed no symptoms.

Of the 4,072 people diagnosed with COVID-19, 3,848 (94.50%) have recovered including nine discharged from hospitals over the past 24 hours, and 164 people remain in hospitals. The death toll remains at 60, said the CCSA.

Global COVID-19 cases rose by 684,085 over the previous 24 hours to 66.22 million. The worldwide death toll soared by 12,121 to 1.52 million.

The US had the most cases at 14.77 million, up 235,272, followed by India with 9.60 up 36,638. Thailand ranked 151st.