‘Little ghost’ who returned from South Korea and didn’t self-isolate apologizes

The woman who caused hysteria in Chiang Mai after returning from South Korea then hitting the town instead of self-isolating has apologized for her actions today.

The unnamed woman, described in Thai media as a “little ghost,” a general term referring to Thais who have been in South Korea turned up to the Chiang Mai Provincial Health Office today following widespread media attention.

The woman had no fever or a sore throat did have mucus and a cough which she said was due to allergies.

She apologized, saying that she was sorry for the incident and to anyone in society who was upset by her actions.

While those traveling from at-risk countries are encouraged to self-isolate by the Thai government there’s some question as to whether they can be forced to do so. While certainly causing a scare, the “little ghost” hasn’t been charged with any offense as she seemingly hasn’t broken the law.

Rumors today have the government implementing a compulsory self-quarantine but they are – despite some claims, not entirely confirmed given the government seemingly issued a compulsory quarantine earlier in the week then withdrew it.

สสจ.เชียงใหม่ ชี้แจงกรณีหญิงไทยกลับจากเกาหลีใต้ ไม่กักตัวเอง 14 วัน นพ.จตุชัย มณีรัตน์…

Posted by PR Chiangmai on Friday, March 6, 2020

Photo: Bangkok Biznews