Locals seek luck as golden eels turn red in Phayao

Locals are flocking to see two golden eels that have turned red in Phayao hoping that they may get some luck from the auspicious color change.

The two celebrity eels in question are hosted in a tank at Wat San Ton Phueng in Moo 6 Mae Ing, Phu Khamyao District.

According to Phra Kru Kittiwannaphiphat, the Abbot of Wat San Ton Phueng, the eels had been donated by locals when they were young and were raised in two glass containers (presumably tanks). Then the story becomes somewhat different as the abbot claims that the eels only turned red on a holy day, an auspicious sign.

Locals flocking to see the eels are said to be rubbing the eels for good luck as well as putting them on their bodies to assist with health.

There’s no specific mention of Thai Lottery numbers but one report suggests that locals were hoping for a sign in that direction as well.

The same wat in Phayao was reported to been undertaking Naga ritual worship Nov. 12 for luck by Thairath. Whether the eels changed color at around the same time is not clear.

Photo: Chiang Mai News