Locals worship “strange” coconut tree in Omkoi

Locals in Omkoi are said to be flocking to worship a “strange” coconut tree.

The coconut tree, believed to be around 40-years old, appears to have six branches which has been interpreted as six different trees on top of the main trunk of the coconut tree.

Whether six separate trees or a simply six branches, the tree itself is said to be very rare in Thailand as traditionally coconut trees don’t have branches.

The owner of the coconut tree, Mrs. La Mokboonmee told Chiang Mai News that she had been offered 400,000 baht for the tree but was not interested in selling it.

The coconuts from the tree itself are also said to often dry without liquid. Given the auspicious nature of the tree, the coconuts are used to make amulets if they have water with the dry coconuts either eaten or cultivated for seedlings.

Photo: Chiang Mai News