Longan Exports To China Resume As Ban Is Reversed

Longan Workers Lamphun
Workers are seen at a longan processing plant in Lamphun province.

China allowed 56 longan packaging companies to resume exporting Thai longan, aka Lumyai, to China on 17th August, reversing a ban imposed on 13th August, according to the Commerce Ministry.

Mallika Boonmeetrakook, an advisor to the commerce minister, said on Wednesday that the Chinese government gave the green light to 56 longan sorting and packaging companies with records of low pest infestations.

They were among 75 longan sorting and packaging companies earlier banned. Nine of the companies had been banned since March.

The latest ban was imposed last Friday after Thai longan were found to be contaminated with mealybugs.

The remaining companies can also resume their longan exports to China in the future if they can prove to have implemented effective measures to screen out pests in their exports, Ms Boonmeetrakook said.