Lumphun man arrested for yaba possession and theft of 1,000 pairs of women’s underwear

A Lamphun man has been arrested on numerous charges after he was found to be in possession of yaba and approximately 1,000 pairs of stolen women’s underwear.

The arrest of the underwear fetishist took place in Moo 2 Bang Klang, Mueang Lamphun at around 6:30 p.m. yesterday, Jan. 20.

The accused, Mr Wirachai Taech, 38 confessed to police that he was a person with a “high sexual desire.” He explained that after taking yaba he likes to sniff women’s underwear to make himself orgasm.

His underwear stealing spree included targeting dormitories in the Lamphun Industrial “almost every night” between midnight at 2 a.m.

For the hattrick, Taech was also charged with illegal possession of four .45 bullets.

He’s been detained in custody pending a court hearing.

Photo: CM Price