Malaysian man charged for falsely claiming he was robbed on Loi Kroh Soi

A Malaysian man has been charged by Chiang Mai police for making a false police report after he claimed that he had been robbed by a farang – a white foreigner early this morning (Aug. 18).

The man, named as Pravin Krishnan, 20, claimed that he had been robbed at knife point by a white man with a blond beard on Loi Kroh Road Soi 3 in Chang Klan, however, when police visited the scene they were unable to find any witnesses to the attack despite the fact that there were not shortage of people in the Soi.

After being confronted about the lack of witnesses, Krishnan subsequently confessed, saying that he had spent all his money and that he was trying to get his parents to send him more funds.

Maybe he should have claimed he was attacked by a pot bellied man wearing a Chang wife beater, the story would have been more believable.