Man arrested for ATM card theft, victim had PIN set to her birthday

Chiang Mai Police are warning bank account holders to not set their PINs to their birthdates after arresting a man who stole an ATM card in Chiang Mai yesterday, Nov. 7.

Mr. Pravee Supaporn, 25 from Sri Phum was arrested after the victim, Miss Patcharin Charoen Singthong, 22 and a student at CMU said that money had been taken her account.

Miss Singthong had left her purse, complete with ATM card in it, in the front of her scooter while visiting Kad Luang. Mr. Supaporn, who was in the area at the time, spotted the purse and swiped it.

That might be the end of the story except that Mr. Supaporn decided to try his luck with the ATM card by using Miss. Singthong’s birthdate which he had obtained from her Thai ID card also in the purse – and it worked.

Multiple ATMs later, Mr. Supaporn had stolen 33,500 baht.

Perhaps highlighting that neither victim nor criminal are particularly bright, Mr. Supaporn’s picture was caught on each ATM he used, allowing police to not only ID him, but track his bike back to the dormitory he was living in.

He’s been charged with theft and using an electronic card without the permission of the user.

Image: Thairath