Man arrested for attacking Food Panda delivery rider in Chang Phueak

A man has been arrested for attacking a Food Panda delivery rider in Chang Phueak last night, Feb. 5.

The attack occurred outside of the Smile 32 Dental Clinic off the Superhighway in Jed Yod with a video of the attack going viral on social media.

The accused, Mr. Sittiphong Khuernni claimed that he attacked the delivery rider after the rider crashed into him. Witnesses, however, noted that Mr. Khuernni, who was described as drunk at the time, abruptly stopped his Vespa (an actual Vespa) in the middle of the road causing the accident to begin with.

It’s not clear whether he has been charged with Thai language reports noting that he had been interviewed and that an investigation is ongoing.

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Posted by วัชระปราการ ชัยสงคราม on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Photo: Guru Chiang Mai