Man arrested for attacking seniors in Doi Saket village

A man with both drug and alcohol problems has been arrested after he attacked four seniors in a Doi Saket village.

Mr. Noppharat, also known as Tum, 29, was arrested this morning, Dec. 14 in Saraphi in relation to the attack in Ban Pa Daeng Moo 2, Pa Pong on Nov. 29.

According to reports, Mr. Noppharat had been visiting the village of his ex-wife when he attacked four people – Mr. Sun, 59, Mr. Boonma, 64, Mr. Duangkam, 67, and Mr. Si, 76.

As well as beating three of the men, was one the victims also suffered from a knife wound requiring stitches.

Police believe the accused was under the influence of both yaba and alcohol at the time of the attack.

Mr. Noppharat is being assessed for mental health issues as is required under the Mental Health Act. If he is found to be sane, he be prosecuted in full for the attacks otherwise he will be committed to Suan Prung Hospital.