Man Arrested For Luring 8 Year Old Girl Into Sending Him Nude Photos

Child Porn Suspect

Technology Crime Suppression police have arrested a 37-year-old man in Chumphon for allegedly persuading an eight-year-old girl to send him nude photos of herself.

The suspect was arrested in front of his house in Muang district on child pornography charges. Police said the man is mute. His name was not released.

Pol Col Runglert Khanthachan, the TCS officer who led the arrest, alleged that the man approached the young girl via Instagram and persuaded her to send him naked photos of herself.

The girl’s parents learned about it and they complained to a TV channel, which ran a story on the alleged child abuse, Pol Col Khanthachan said.

Police then contacted the family to seek further information and began an investigation that led to the suspect. They obtained court approval to arrest him.

The arresting officers seized the suspect’s mobile phone for examination and found child pornography stored on it.

They learned the suspect had also approached other girls to produce pornographic material.

During questioning, the suspect allegedly admitted he had used Instagram and Line chat apps to approach the girl, encouraged her to take nude photos and send them to him. Police used a sign language interpreter.

Asked why he did it, the man said he was lonely and had no friends, police said.

Investigators said several girls aged 8-11 years had fallen victim to the suspect.