Man arrested for murder of Tai Yai man in Mae Rim

Chiang Mai Provincial District 5 police in conjunction with Mae Rim police have arrested a man in relation to the murder of a Tai Yai man who’s body was discovered in a septic tank Mae Rim Sept. 15.

Mr. Tad, 32 and also Tai Yai stands accused murdering Mr. Tony Lung Saen, 45, who was last seen alive Aug. 24.

According to reports, Mr. Tad claims he had been drinking with the deceased when they had an argument, with Tad claiming that Saen had been been having sex with his girlfriend.

Tad said he smashed Saen in the head with a beer bottle before grabbing a hammer and smashing his head in, which, this being Thailand, was recreated in the picture above.

After murdering Saen, Tad went to sleep before disposing of the body in the septic tank the following day.

Tad then claimed that after the murder he started having health issues as he was haunted by the ghost of Saen, forcing him to flee to a farm where he was subsequently arrested.

He has been charged with killing others intentionally and concealing, moving or destroying a body to conceal a death or the cause of death.