Man arrested in Saraphi for running Facebook bestaility ring

A man has been arrested on animal cruelty charges in relation to his operation of an Facebook bestiality ring in Saraphi.

The arrest, at a Saraphi restaurant Monday night, was the result of a complaint from the WATCHDOG THAILAND Foundation along with the Department of Livestock Development San Kamphaeng Chiang Mai Animal Shelter that a Facebook group was being operated in Chiang Mai that included a range of bestiality services.

Members were asked to pay 200 baht to join the group and once in, they shared various bestiality videos as well as organizing opportunities for human-dog sex among members.

Described by Thai media is a “dog swinging club,” the members were particularly fond of befriending Soi dogs for sex.

The owner of the site, Mr. Damrongphol Sarnpata, 53 of 45 Moo 6 Chai Satham, was taken to Saraphi police station for questioning where he denied raping dogs but admitted to sharing the clips online.

If found guilty of bestiality, specifically ” misconduct of animals without reasonable grounds” under Section 20 of the Prevention of Cruelty and Protection of Animals Act BE 2557, Mr. Sarnpata is facing up to two year in prison and a 10,000 baht fine.