Man arrested for selling e-cigarettes in Chang Phuaek

A man has been arrested in a joint operation between Provincial Division 5 police and the Department of Civil Affair for selling e-cigarettes and accessories from a home in Chang Phueak.

The man, named as Mr. Jadda Prommai (Paul), 29 was raided yesterday Sept. 19 and was found in possession of two e-cigarettes, a number of atomizers and a significant amount of e-liquid. In addition, police also siezed a desktop PC, 1 Huawei mobile phone, a True mobile phone SIM card and bank book that showed money being put into his account from the sale of the items.

E-cigarettes are illegal to import into Thailand making them effectively illegal. Those caught are charged with avoiding taxes and customs as was the case here with Mr. Prommai.

Mr. Prommai, who was advertising the products on Facebook told police he did not know that selling them was illegal.

Police are pursuing the matter in court.