Man arrested for stabbing ex-wife in Fa Ham

A man has been arrested after stabbing his former wife at a home in Moo 6 Fa Ham yesterday, Oct. 7.

Mr. Sathaporn Panopas is said to have lived with his former wife, Mrs. Bang Hom Chanmu, 27 at the Fa Ham home when an argument broke out. Mr. Panopas stabbed his ex-wife in the neck with a 10-centimeter long knife before fleeing the scene.

Police later found Mr. Panopas besides the Kua Saly Bridge along the Ping River where he was apparently trying to kill himself, be it not successfully. Described as being drunk, Mr. Panopas denied that he had stabbed his former wife.

He was charged by Mae Ping Police with physical assault causing serious injury to others and detained in custody prior to a court hearing.

Photo: Mae Ping Police/Chiang Mai News