Man arrested for stealing a pair of shoes from Wat Phra Singh

A Doi Saket man has been arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant for stealing a pair of shoes from Wat Phra Singh.

Mr Wachirawit, also known as Win Nen Yam, 23 from San Pu Loei was caught on camera stealing a pair of blue Adidas shoes belonging to a tourist at one of Chiang Mai’s most famous temples Sept 22.

Following a police investigation that included studying CCTV footage, a warrant was issued by the Chiang Mai Provincial Court for his arrest on Oct. 8.

Mr. Wachirawit was spotted outside of a 7-Eleven near the Thung Hotel Intersection in Wat Ket by police this morning, Nov. 1 where he was subsequently arrested.

The accused has been charged with “burglary in an organized place for public services using a vehicle for convenience in committing an offense.” That’s not a typo, using a vehicle in a theft is consider a different crime than simply straight theft under Thai law.

He taken to Mueang Chiang Police Station where he was charged then detained in custody pending a court hearing.

Photos: Chiang Mai News/CCTV