Man arrested for stealing bag left behind by shopper

A 36-year-old man has been arrested after he was caught on camera stealing a bag left behind by a shopper at a “department store” car park in Chiang Mai.

The story of the theft starts Nov. 25 when an unnamed woman left her bag in a shopping trolley in the car park. CCTV footage shows a white sedan pulling into the same car parking spot with a man hopping out and taking the bag.

Using the registration number of the vehicle, police traced the vehicle of the driver, Mr. Uthit Wang Phrom from Nong Phueang, Saraphi to a 7-Eleven in Hang Dong where he attempted to use an ATM card that was in the stolen bag. Having failed to guess the PIN for the woman’s ATM card he subsequently dumped the stolen bag where it was later located by another person and handed over to police.

They arrested him at his home this morning, Nov. 28. He’s been charged with burglary at night, theft of documents belonging to others and using the electronic cards of others.

Photo: Kapook