Man Arrested for Stealing from his Employer in Mae Ai

Arrested at Chiang Mai Police Station

A man has been arrested in Mae Ai for stealing from his employer.

On 8th June, police officers arrested Mr Pong (nickname) at his home in the Mae Ai district of Chiang Mai. Police entered the house after his employer, Mrs Naraya, 62, reported money and gold missing from her home.

She returned home and discovered 1 gold bar missing, along with 540 baht of Thai banknotes and a 500 euro note.

Stolen Goods


Mrs Naraya suspected Mr Pong (aka Namphon) immediately so police officers went directly to his home where they found the stash after a brief search of his property.

He confessed to officers that he had used a ladder to climb up on to a canopy and then through a window on the second floor of the house before finding the valuables hidden in the victim’s closet.

Mr Pong is being detained at the Mae Ai Police Station while police continue legal proceedings.