Man arrested for stealing hotel customer credit card details for online shopping

A man has been arrested in Bangkok on allegations that he stole customer credit card data from hotels and used them to purchase goods online.

Mr. Jirat Siriwattanakul, 35 is alleged to have previously worked in hotels in Chiang Mai and Phetchaburi where he used his position to obtain credit card details of customers. Having obtained those numbers, he then used the details to purchase various items online including iPhones, gold bars and other items to the value of around 500,000 baht.

While simply stealing credit card details is not the most difficult of crimes, Mr. Siriwattanakul took his scam further.

Using the details of bookings, which included full names, Thai ID number/ passport number, birthday, credit card and phone numbers, email address and other information, Siriwattanakul would contact the issuing bank for each card. With the customer’s Personally Identifiable Information at hand, he would change contact details with the bank so that any SMS purchase alerts would go to his phone instead of that of his victims.

It would appear that Mr. Siriwattanakul was finally caught after police investigated a complaint then traced the SMS messages to his phone – not exactly the perfect crime.

He’s been charged with impersonating another person, using another person’s electronics card without the person’s intention or in a way that causes damages towards other persons.

Photo: Thai Residents