Man arrested for stealing woman’s underwear in Nong Pa Khang

A 19-year-old man has been arrested June 8 for stealing 20 pairs of underwear from a woman in Nong Pa Khang over a period of several months since April.

The underwear thief, named only as Mr. Natthaphon, was arrested following an investigation by Mae Ping Police after the victim, described by Thai media as a “beautiful woman” aged 27 complained to police.

Nattaphon was traced after he was captured on CCTV entering the premises where he was stealing the underwear.

Upon arrest, he confessed to stealing the underwear, saying that he was in love with the woman but did not dare flirt with her as he is unemployed. He was using the underwear for “inhaling pleasure” and to help “complete the orgasm with his hands.”

He was charged on multiple counts of burglary.

Image: Khaosod