Man arrested for theft wanted after escaping from San Pa Tong Hospital

A man who had been arrested on multiple theft charges is wanted by police after he escaped from San Pa Tong Hospital early this morning, Feb. 24.

The fugitive, Mr. Pawares Wongsuwan, 45 and a former policeman had been arrested in Ban Pae San Mai, Nam Bo in San Pa Tong yesterday on an arrest warrant in relation to three home break-ins in the area.

Bizarrely, Mr. Wongsuwan is then described as being injured in an attack although the details of the attack are not clear. He was then transported to San Pa Tong Hospital for treatment with the rescue vehicle said to have been involved in an accident on the way with no one injured.

He eventually made it to hospital where he was treated then handcuffed to a bed.

At around 4 a.m. Mr. Wongsuwan managed to slip the handcuffs and walk out of the hospital.

Police are seeking information as to his whereabouts as well as warning that as a former policeman he is skilled at using weapons. Anyone with information should call 191 or San Pa Tong Police Station on 053-3111232.

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Photo: Nopparat Pornkusol 集 德 善堂 Chiang Mai