Man arrested in Fa Ham after escaping custody in Thonburi

A Chiang Mai man was arrested Sept. 10 in a condo in Fa Ham after escaping from custody in Thonburi District Aug. 10.

Mr. Saravut, also known as Arm Tang Poomtrakul, 33, was arrested in Thonburi Aug. 9 on eight fraud charges relating to second-hand car sales when he subsequently escaped Aug. 10 by climbing through a bathroom window at the Thonburi District Court House after telling officers he needed to go to the toilet.

Perhaps indicating that the accused is not particularly bright, he was found at his registered address, described only as a condo in Fa Ham.

Mr. Saravut is said to have been transported back to Thonburi where he will face the original fraud charges as well as a new charge of illegally escaping custody.