Man caught smuggling untaxed alcohol on Superhighway

A man has been arrested after he was found to be transporting untaxed foreign alcohol on the Superhighway (Highway 11) yesterday, Feb. 3.

The arrest accorded on the Superhighway in Chang Phuaek at around 8 a.m.

The driver, Mr. Chai Namdee, 32 from Mae Hong Son was found to be carrying 24 bottles of 1 liter Jack Daniels, 72 bottle of 1 liter Johnny Walker Red and 60 bottles of 1 litter Highland Queen.

At least some of the bottles are described as having Malaysian tax stamps on them but not Thai ones.

Although not clear it appears that police were acting on a tipoff that Mr. Namdee was transporting the untaxed liquor.

Mr. Namdee subsequently confessed, saying he had picked the liquor up from a location in Chiang Mai to deliver to a bar in Mae Hong Son.