Man Comes Back to Life As Body is Wrapped Ready For Autopsy

Man Comes Back to Life

Rescue team members were shocked when a man came back to life while he was being wrapped in a blanket after they found him dead in his bathroom.

The 20-year-old man wasn’t breathing, had no heartbeat and was confirmed dead.

The Kanchanaburi Police received a notification on 12th August 2020 about a man found dead in the bathroom at a home in the main city of Kanchanaburi.

The local rescue team was notified to pick up the body.

Officials found Ramet, 20 years old, sitting on the toilet with his head resting on the wall. Rescue team members confirmed there was no heartbeat before bringing his body out from the bathroom.

A doctor confirmed the man was dead but showed no signs of injuries on his body. They were preparing to send the body for an autopsy to find the cause of death.

While the team was wrapping him in a white blanket they noticed that his eyes were moving.

Wetwut Yamrungratri, a member of the team, explained what happened to the media.

The team arrived and met with Ramet’s relatives who had broken into the home and found him dead.  The doctor and police were contacted and arrived within 30 minutes, the doctor confirmed he was dead.

The team received orders to send the body in for an autopsy. While they were preparing the body Ramet opened his eyes and started breathing again.

He said he had fainted and woke up again when someone was wrapping something around his body. He couldn’t speak or move but finally, someone noticed him looking around and informed the rescue team that he was alive.

Ramet’s relatives stated that he has valvular heart disease. He lives alone and relatives noticed that they haven’t seen him all day so they tried calling him. The family decided to break down his doors and found him dead in the bathroom.