Man dies after being electrocuted by his phone charger in Nan

A man has died after he was electrocuted by his phone charger in Nan Province.

Mr. Thanapat Nannapiwong, 28, was found dead, face down on a bed at a house in Moo 9 Phuai, Mueang Nan this morning (Aug. 8) at 6 a.m. with electrical burns to his neck and chest.

Upon moving his body, authorities found an Oppo phone that was plugged into a wall charger, believed to be the source of the electrocution although it’s not clear from reports as to whether the phone or the phone chord ultimately was the cause of his untimely death.

Mr. Nannapiwong had been last heard from the previous evening when he had spoken to his girlfriend on the fatal phone.

His parents waved having an autopsy on the grounds that it was obvious as to how he died. Unlike Chiang Mai Province, an autopsy is not compulsory in Nan if there are no suspicious circumstances. Apparently dying by phone charger isn’t suspicious.