Man found dead with multiple bullet wounds in Chom Thong

A man was found dead with multiple bullet wounds in Chom Thong yesterday, April 17.

The body was found in forest two kilometers from Moo 9, Doi Kaeo at around 11:30 a.m.

The deceased, Chai Rat Saewa, 31, was found with bullet wounds to the right area of ​​the forehead as well as to his face and body.

It’s believed that the body had been in the forest for nearly 24-hours before being discovered.

The Royal Thai Army is heading the investigation, saying that they were collecting evidence and intended to bring the criminals behind the shooting to justice.

Thai language reports differed as to why Mr. Saewa may have been shot, however.

One report says it may have been a hunting accident while another suggests that it may have been an execution-style killing.

“Hunting accidents” resulting in people being shot and killed in the north are fairly common but rarely if ever do they include someone being shot multiple times.