Man high on glue arrested after being coaxed off Mahidol Road roof

A man high on glue has been arrested after being coaxed off a roof on an abandoned building on Mahidol Road in Nong Hoi District yesterday (Aug 21.)

It’s not clear why the unnamed man, described only as being 20 years old, wearing only blue pants and being “crazy” but his actions resulted in emergency services workers, police and others flocking to the scene as there was concern that he may fall off the roof – intentionally or otherwise, due to rain.

After numerous attempts to talk him down, including giving him cigarettes, a decision by police officers to grab the can of glue the man had been sniffing resulted in him eventually volunteering to come down where he was immediately arrested.

The man has been charged with “using volatile substances (glue) to treat physical or mental needs by inhaling.”