Man nearly beaten to death in Saraphi karaoke bar dispute

A 48-year-old man was nearly beaten to death in a bizarre argument at a Saraphi karaoke bar last night, Jan. 30.

The attacked occurred at Phatra Karaoke in Moo 2 Nong Phueng at around 11 p.m.

According to Thai language media, the victim, Mr. Okham Singha, 48 from Mae Rim was targeted as he was flirting with one of the karaoke girls that the attacker claimed belong to him.

The attacker used a steal pole to beat Mr. Singha to within an inch of his life.

How he is actually still alive is remarkable given the list of injuries which included a cracked skull, broken ribs, all of his teeth smashed out and even more bizarrely, at least according to reports, his ears were also “torn off” as well.

Police are said to be investigating.