Man offering 2M baht in fake notes arrested after sting operation in Chai Prakan

A man has been arrested after attempting to sell fake Thai baht notes to an undercover officer in Chai Prakan District Saturday, Sept. 15.

The joint operation between the Royal Thai Army 33rd Brigade, Treasury officials and local police set up the sting after a tip-off that a man was looking to sell two million baht in fake 1,000 baht notes for 200,000 baht.

An army officer went undercover to arrange a meeting with the seller, with the troops then moving in to arrest Mr. Supotee Nop, 20 from Moo 6 Mae Thalop Subdistrict at the agreed meeting place next to a dam in Moo 4 Mae Thalop.

Mr. Nop, who transported the fake money to the site by boat, has been charged with both possession of fake currency as well as intent to sell.