Man sentenced to 4 years in jail for starting forest fire in Chiang Dao

A Myanmar national has been sentenced to four years in jail and fined 439,668 baht for starting a forest fire in Chiang Dao.

Mr. Lao Wu was accused of starting a fire in the Chiang Dao National Park (also known as Pha Daeng National Park) using a lighter resulting in the damage of 10 rai of forest.

He was charged under various acts including the Forest Act, the National Reserve Act and National Park Act. For the bonus round he was also found to be in Thailand illegally and working illegally under the Foreign Work Management Act.

The maximum penalty under the National Park Act is four to 20 years in prison and up to a two million baht fine.

Mr. Wu pleaded guilty to starting fire and hence, under Thai law, had his sentence of four years cut to two years.

Image: Chiang Mai Data Center