Man stabs teacher in Mae Ai because he didn’t like his face

A man has been arrested in Mae Ai after he stabbed a teacher yesterday, Sept. 11.

The stabbing took place at Ban Mae Hang, Moo 15 Mae Sao at around 2:30 p.m.

The accused, Mr. Ya Pa Loja U, 32 attacked Mr. Prasit Wichai, a non-formal education teacher multiple times with a 54 centimeter-long knife as well as also biting the victim. Mr. Wichai was rushed to Mae Ai Hospital were he was well enough to give a statement to police.

Mr. Loja was subsequently arrested and confessed, telling police that attacked Mr. Wicha because he didn’t like his face.

He was detained in custody and charged with “trying to kill others intentionally.” Not surprisingly, police ordered a drugs test as it is suspected that Mr. Loja may have been under the influence of yaba at the time of the attack.

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