Man Tried to Jump Off Don Chan Bridge Last Night

Man Tries To Jump Off Don Chan Bridge

At around 10 pm on 15th June, police officers from the Mae Ping Police Station were informed that a Thai man looked like he was about to jump off Don Chan Bridge in Tha Sala Sib-district, Chiang Mai.

The man, aged between 35-40 years old, was standing on the edge of the bridge when officers arrived and began trying to talk him down. After about 30 minutes the man, who was said to be in severe emotional distress, began to calm down and officers were able to take him into police custody for his own safety.

Man Tried To Jump Off Bridge Chiang Mai

It is believed that he was suffering from personal stress and may have had a quarrel at his home which led to suicidal thoughts. He was taken to Mae Ping Police Station where he was later joined by friends and relatives.