Man with one leg arrested, fined for overcharging for lottery tickets in Saraphi

A disabled man with one leg was arrested by police and subsequently fined 5,000 baht after he was caught overcharging for Thai Lottery tickets in Saraphi yesterday, Aug. 15.

The exact location of the arrest is not clear although it’s described as being in the car park of a major building materials supplier which narrows it down to a handful of locations on the Superhighway.

The accused man, Mr. Worachet Khamphan, 41 from Uttaradit was allegedly caught selling lottery tickets for 100 baht each, a common practice in the north but one that is illegal and has been targeted in the past.

Mr. Khamphan told Thai language media that he’d lost his leg in a workplace accident some 10-years ago and that he had only started selling lottery tickets three months ago. He added that he had been making around 5,000 – 8,000 baht a month from the sales to support the family including his wife, who also helps with the lottery ticket sales, two children aged 14 and 9 and his mother.

While conceding that he broke the law he claimed that it was unfair that the police had targeted him because he was disabled and others openly sell the tickets above the legal price without being targeted and arrested.