Manhunt for Gold Shop Robber in Nakhon Sawan

Gold Shop Robbery

The hunt continued on Tuesday for a man who robbed a gold shop in Tha Tako district on Monday and made off with 38-baht weight of gold necklaces.

Pol Capt Vachara Kornpitak, Tha Tako duty officer, said that about 4.40 pm a man held up the Yaowarat-Bangkok gold shop in the local Big C Superstore.

The robber was described as a tall man, about 40 years old and wearing white trousers, a black shirt with long sleeves and a face mask. He arrived in a white pickup without licence plates and left it in the store’s parking area.

He walked into the store and went straight to the gold shop, about 30 metres from the front entrance.  Brandishing a long object wrapped in white cloth, as if it were a gun, the man-made the shop attendants put gold necklaces into a bag.

He fled with 34 necklaces with a total weight of 38 baht, driving the white pickup along the Tha Tako-Nong Bua road, which leads to Sing Buri and Phetchabun provinces.

The gold is worth about 1.14 million baht at current prices.